Employee satisfaction survey 2022

In October 2022, our yearly employee satisfaction survey was conducted within INISI. The main objective is of course good employership. At INISI we think it is very important that employees can do their work well and with pleasure. That is why we carry out an MTO every year to know what is going well and what could possibly be improved.

Better together, together better

It is very nice to see that the employees are very satisfied. The average rating has risen to a 9.23! The appreciation for the work delivered scores very high, but the involvement and reliability of the colleagues is also very well appreciated. The statement "within INISI everyone is willing to help each other" is even rated with a 10! With this, "better together, together better" is very clearly propagated within INISI. A 9.64 for the pleasant working atmosphere is also a result to be proud of.

The finishing touches

As INISI we are happy with the result and the participation rate of 100%. It gives a clear insight of what is going on among the employees, what they are proud of and what can still be worked on together. Of course, we will get back to work seriously with the points for improvement, including refining the personal training budget, in order to continue to build an even better working climate for all our colleagues.

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