Diabeter (www.diabeter.nl) is the treatment center for type 1 diabetes (popularly known as diabetes) in children and young adults.

Diabeter not only provides good diabetes care, but also wants to improve diabetes care! Diabeter’s mission is a future without diabetes complications for all its patients.

Rapid growth: already more than 2000 patients

Diabeter was founded in 2006 by pediatricians Dr. Henk-Jan Aanstoot and Dr. Henk Veeze, both from Erasmus Sophia Children’s Hospital and later IJsselland Hospital. They were convinced that diabetes care for children and young people should be improved. For this they started with an independent specialized center where diabetes is the only focus. The need for such a center turned out to be unprecedented. More than 2000 children and young adults are already treated with type 1 diabetes, from locations in Rotterdam, Schiphol, Deventer, Veldhoven and Groningen.

The latest insulin pump and sensor technology

To improve diabetes care, Diabeter applies the latest technologies available to people with type 1 diabetes. She participates nationally and internationally in research that should lead to better treatment and ultimately to the cure of diabetes.

Available 24 hours a day

Whereas in the past visits to the outpatient clinic were the most important, the interim contacts by e-mail, telephone and uploading measured values are now an important part of diabetes care. This makes it possible to continuously adapt and adjust the diabetes control.
Patients can call a Diabeter medical specialist seven days a week, 24 hours a day, directly and without the intervention of others, for urgent questions and consultation. It is precisely this approachable accessibility and frequent contact with the diabetes team that has a positive effect on the management of type 1 diabetes.


Direct feedback on glucose values provides almost “real-time” customized care by remotely monitoring the blood glucose values. Diabeter patients can easily upload their values from glucose meter and insulin pump via Diabeter’s own system. Within a few minutes they will receive a color overview in their email that provides insight into the gluoces values of the previous weeks.

ICT indispensable

To achieve all this, an optimally functioning ICT infrastructure is indispensable. INISI helps Diabeter with this. With the use of virtualized IT systems from Cisco and Citrix, INISI built an environment to facilitate growth. This expansion has now taken such a form that we are ready for a new platform based on the latest technology.

We look forward to entering the next (international) era with Diabeter.

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