Working for INISI: every day is different

INISI listens, advises and helps you move forward ... our company's slogan promises customers quality, expertise and commitment.

But what is it like to work for such a company? We asked Jeremy Branton, who works as a Business Consultant for INISI.

What kind of company is INISI?

INISI is innovative, creative and highly interested in helping customers. By listening to the wishes, challenges and situation of the customer, INISI designs and realizes solutions that really benefit the customer.

That sounds ambitious. What appeals to you most in your job?

The variety! The contact with customers whose IT department really contributes to the business. Like Hero for example, who is rolling out their Cloud strategy so that employees from different countries can work together more easily. Or at a large tank storage and transport company in the Port of Rotterdam, where ICT is a crucial means of ensuring that ships leave on time.

What exactly is your role in this?

My role is to understand what's most important to the customer and see how IT can help and benefit them. How a Dutch emergency center, that specializes in worldwide medical, mobility and personal assistance, can help people with bad luck get back on the road as soon as possible. Or how a hospital can offer better care to their patients by facilitating information sharing.

What does your day look like?

Every day is different. I usually make one or more visits to customers. In addition, I prepare proposals, I advice about solutions and I do the necessary administration. The nice thing about INISI is that it is a smaller organization, so I fulfill multiple roles. In addition to my role as Business Consultant, I am also a Service Manager for several clients and I do the planning for the deployment of people on projects. This variety makes it extra fun and varied.

How much own responsibility do you have within your position?

I like to be able to do things independently. Fortunately, I have every freedom within INISI to give substance to my work in my own way. When things don't go quite right, I am addressed in a constructive way, which I experience as a positive part of working for INISI.

How do you describe the culture of INISI?

Within INISI everyone has the right to their own opinion, which may also be expressed. This open culture also ensures that people who want to develop themselves are given the space and the right support to reach their ambition level. You can make mistakes. If something fails, this is not a disqualification, but an incentive to try again.

What type of people feel at home at INISI?

The more you contribute, the more you get back. People who actively develop, want to learn new things and develop new possibilities are given plenty of room. People who want to be challenged, have their own opinion and are constantly looking for improvements will definitely feel at home at INISI. The world is changing and INISI is also changing. If you don’t how to deal with that, you should definitely not work at INISI. But if you embrace change and want to contribute to it, the possibilities are endless!

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