Expertise INISI employees highly valued

What do we do well, but above all: what could be better? With this approach, we ask our customers every year to evaluate our services. The result: average customer satisfaction  increased by almost 5% last year to a fat 8.

In addition, this year for the first time, we also calculated the Net Promoter Score, based on the results of the customer satisfaction survey. This score (NPS 89) shows that many customers recommend INISI  to a friend or colleague.

INISI listens, advises and helps move forward

The corona crisis has a big impact on all of us. From one day to the next, everyone had to work from home. With enormous pressure on the IT department as a result. In the first weeks it was mainly a matter of enabling everyone to work from home. We now see that many organizations are busy making strategic choices. This raises issues such as 'how can I make optimal use of the cloud' and 'how can I still ensure that security is maximally guaranteed'.

INISI supports its customers on both a strategic and operational level. Sharing knowledge is central to this. Together we come to the best solution for the specific situation of the customer.

Better together

Although face to face contact is less possible, the appreciation for our employees is no less. Our professional drive, commitment and reliability are appreciated even more than previous years!

Fast(er) response

The past year has shown us how important it is to be able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Due to the busy workload, and sometimes also due to technical setbacks, the planning for some projects had to be adjusted. We realize that responding quickly to questions and requests is very important and we will pay even more attention to this in the coming year.

Thanks to everyone for his/her open and honest feedback!

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