Secure, flexible and manageable wireless network for Anthura

To renew the existing WIFI-network, INISI has delivered a new secure, cloud managed, wireless network to Anthura Arndt.


Anthura specialises in anthurium and orchids. The company develops innovative and sustainable products for growers and consumers.

Anthura delivers young plants to over 70 countries all around the world. Hundreds of growers in several continents cultivate Anthuriums and Orchids. Millions of consumers daily buy flowers and plants. Anthura varieties do not only cross the whole world from the Netherlands, there are also production locations in Germany, Macedonia and China.

Exceptional circumstances
Anthura Arndt is situated in near the Dutch-German border and has a production area of 11 hectare. The company is completely focused on efficient production of young plants of the Phalaenopsis. The processes in the hot and humid greenhouses are being automated more and more. It is crucial that a WIFI-network has the right coverage and remains reliable in these specific circumstances.

To replace the existing WIFI-network, INISI has delivered a new secure, cloud managed, wireless network, based on Cisco Meraki. Meraki offers a very easy to use management dashboard, that also delivers interesting information about the data that travels through the network. This offers Anthura a secure, flexible and manageable network, that can be managed and maintained from one central location and which can easily be extended.

More information
Do you want to know more about this solution and/or the possibilities in your specific situation? Don’t hesitate to contact INISI by phone +31 10 436 88 22 or send an email with your question to bart.bossers(at)inisi.com.

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