Outcome customer satisfaction survey: better together

As in previous years, we asked our customers at the end of 2019 how they rate the services provided by INISI. Overall the score was 7.9, a result that we are very happy with. Amongst others, thinking along, the professional skills of our specialists, and especially collaboration, are highly appreciated aspects.

Challenges such as better healthcare, high-quality logistics or automation of business processes place high demands on the IT department of our customers. To turn these challenges into opportunities, cooperation is crucial. Internally, between the business departments and IT. But also externally, with suppliers and partners. "Better together, better together", our long-standing slogan, is more topical than ever before.

For us, open and honest feedback is also part of "better together, better together". We therefore greatly appreciate that customers have taken the effort to indicate in which areas we can further improve our services. Such as expanding the reports and coordinating the planning. Insight into what is going on within a project leads to more overview and contributes to an even better result. A goal that we put our shoulders to, every day, with the whole team!

Better together!

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