No. 1 frustration in IT: Slow applications

Despite the far-reaching digital developments, many companies are still struggling with users complaining about slow applications.

Waiting for a long time to log in, sessions that fail and delay in loading images are common complaints that lead to frustrated users and loss of productivity.

"Any app, any user, any device"

Can this be avoided? Yes, for sure! On June 18, INISI ICT organized a Knowledge Session that was entirely devoted to "optimal and safe user experience". Together with Citrix and eG Innovations, two leading suppliers with whom INISI works closely, INISI explained how organizations can ensure that their employees have secure access to their applications and data 24/7 from any location.

Smart workflows increase productivity

With Citrix Workspace, users have immediate access to all their applications and files from any (mobile) device. In a very secure way, including by the use of Single Sign-On and strong authentication. Although this certainly contributes to increasing productivity and improving the user experience, Citrix is now going one step further. Employees often waste a lot of time by searching for information that is stored at multiple locations.

The new Citrix Intelligent Workspace ensures that users have uniform access to all applications. In addition, important information and tasks are transformed into targeted workflows. A solution for everyone who is struggling with the ever-increasing amount of information that needs to be processed in a limited time.

Resolve and prevent application performance issues with end-to-end monitoring

In the unlikely event that performance problems occur, the root cause can be easily detected and diagnosed by using the monitoring software from eG Innovations. A lot of monitoring tools offer fragmented information. One offers insight into the network components, another into the Citrix environment, etc. eG Innovations Full Stack Application Monitoring offers converged application and infrastructure monitoring. It improves significantly both business productivity and IT operational efficiency.

Maximise the potential

The correct skills and in-depth knowledge are crucial to implement the best solution and to make maximum use of it. INISI has daily interaction with companies that are dealing with these challenges.

Do you have a similar situation and do you want to know more about the possibilities and benefits in your specific situation? Then contact INISI via telephone 010-4368822 or send an email with your question to bart.bossers@inisi.com.

INISI listens, advises and helps you move forward!
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