Jaarbeurs ready for the future, thanks to INISI

Jaarbeurs Utrecht is a building complex for large-scale events. The complex consists of 11 halls and has an area of 100,000 m².

In 2018, Jaarbeurs welcomed 2,300,000 visitors and 79 trade fairs and events were organized.

In addition, 8,126 congresses and meetings took place in Jaarbeurs last year. The organization also has 13 digital platforms that attract around 250,000 visitors per month and they were active on 26 foreign fairs.

To achieve all this, it is very important that the employees of Jaarbeurs can access the necessary information quickly, at any time and from any location. For this, INISI already set up a Citrix VDI environment in 2015, with around 350 virtual Windows 7 desktops.

Now, the migration to a new, future-proof Windows 10 VDI environment is taking place. The project also includes the implementation of new techniques such as App Layering and Workspace Environment Management. In the old situation, the IT department lost a lot of time manually implementing changes to applications at the workplaces. With these new techniques, many management tasks can be carried out in one central place, which offers enormous efficiency benefits.

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