First Online ‘Better Together’ event very successful!

It was different from all previous editions, and at the same time just as before.

The 2020 "Better Together" event was informative, interactive and, thanks to the input of all participants, a lot of fun!

The Cisco Meraki workshop, where the participants could experience the benefits of a cloud-based infrastructure live, might have lasted longer. It's good that everyone has a few more weeks to get on with it and explore the possibilities.

The tasting, by Gil Xavier from Delicia, was informative and the flavor combinations very surprising. Fortunately, hardly anyone had to drive home anymore. An online event has its advantages :-).
The music of Emanuél, the hammock with the design of Peter Hofland, the video message from Kees Moeliker, the unexpected visit to Bas Dijkhuizen from Customer of the Year winner Hero and of course the tombola: all in all, it was as always very special.

And then the ultimate surprise: our client, the Dutch Bakery Center, who turned the tables and awarded INISI as the Supplier of the Century. We fell silent for a while… Thank you very much for this great honour!

For us, this edition will again rightly be remembered as "Better Together"!


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