INISI and Wasabi: better together!

INISI is a certified Wasabi Partner. Together with Wasabi INISI offers INISI Managed Cloud Storage services, powered by Wasabi.

For every type of organization, small to large, INISI offers unparalleled low-cost S3 cloud storage service. In case you need more information, download the INISI What is Wasabi brochure.

Your data is securely stored in the cloud (e.g. in the Equinox data center in Amsterdam). An ideal place to store a safety copy of your backup, for example. Faster, cheaper and better than Azure, Google or AWS.

Follow the 3-2-1 rule for your backups:

1. make one primary backup
2. make two copies of your backup
3. keep at least one of your copies off-site

The idea of an off-site backup is of course that it is protected against all kinds of unwanted situations: disasters, unauthorized access and also, for example, malicious hacks. Consider, for example, storing your data on tape or in the cloud.

Wasabi is the ideal solution for replicating your backup to the cloud: fast, cheap and secure.

Watch this video for an intruduction to Wasabi:

And for all die-hard fans out there: check out this funny video clip Migrate with Nate before it’s too late: