INISI and Holm Security: better together!

INISI partners with Holm Security, specializing in Vulnerability Management.

Vulnerabilities change on a daily basis and come from external sources as well as from the internet. It is virtually impossible to monitor everything yourself and an annual penetration test is certainly insufficient nowadays. The Holm Security platform offers unrivalled insight into the security of your applications and IT infrastructure. Holm Security you secure your network from the outside in and check your network from the inside out.

With Hom Security everything in and around your network is checked and evaluated. Because vulnerabilities change on a daily basis, we ensure quick detection and we act immediately when necessary. Using this tooling we can identify inconsistencies very quickly by comparing results with previous scans.

Implementing vulnerability management ensures you always have up-to-date insight into your compliance, according to standards like GDPR, ISO2700x, HIPAA, SOX and PCI. Holm Security can also assist you with implementing recommendations, or taking action proactively. In addition, we conduct scans and tests without slowing down your IT infrastructure, so you are always able to continue with your daily business activities.

If you wish to receive more information or explore other security services INISI has to offer, give us a call us a call on +31 10 436 88 22 or send an e-mail to bart.bossers@inisi.com.