Customer satisfaction survey 2022: this is what our customers think of us

We value satisfaction and feedback from our customers. Of course, we already receive this feedback during our daily contact, but once a year we also review this in our customer satisfaction survey. In this survey, customers can provide (optionally anonymous) feedback on all facets of our services.

The results

The total customer satisfaction scored 8.4 on averaged! Of course, we are very proud of that. The question of whether the customer would recommend us to his or her relations was rated extremely well with an 8.6.

What our customers say:

  • We compare a lot with third parties. After years, INISI still stands out!
  • Just think along and communicate clearly. Honest and open, that works for me.

Improving customer satisfaction

With this beautiful result, of course, we are not there yet. We want to improve continuously! That's just what makes us tick. Also, in the light of our recent efforts to prolong of our ISO certifications, continuous improvement is essential.

We would like to thank all participants in this survey for their valuable contribution. In the meantime, they have all received a tasty thank you from us.

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