INISI launches Monitoring-as-a-Service platform

Despite far-reaching digital developments, many companies are still struggling with users complaining about slow applications. Long waiting to log in, sessions that fail and delays in loading images are common complaints that lead to frustrated users and loss of productivity.

It is often a time-consuming task for IT administrators to find out what this is about. After hours or even days of searching for the root cause, this sometimes turns out to be completely different than expected. Which is not surprising, given the complexity of today's IT environments.


A monitoring tool may help to identify the cause of problems. Or even proactively resolve it before users notice it. However, we regularly hear from customers that they do not have the time and resources for a good monitoring tool. That is why INISI has set up the INISI Monitoring-as-a-Service platform.

The advantages:

  • No extensive preliminary investigation required to find the right monitoring tool;
  • You do not need to set up or maintain a monitoring tool yourself;
  • Reports and dashboards will be set up tailor-made for your environment;
  • No investment in advance, you only pay a fee per month.

Put it to the test right away!

Contact us and we will create an account for free. You can reach us by phone at +31 10 436 88 22.

Or download the leaflet INISI Monitoring-as-a-Service for more information.

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