INISI and eG Innovations: better together

More and more companies are migrating with their IT environment entirely or partially to the cloud. This offers a number of major advantages, especially in terms of availability and continuity. At the same time, however, it also brings with it extra complexity. After all, everything revolves about optimal user experience. But how do you measure it when the cloud service provider is responsible for the performance? And if a disruption occurs, how can you see where the problem is?

Chain monitoring

INISI works closely together with eG Innovations, specialist in the field of application performance monitoring. The eG solution clearly distinguishes itself from other parties in the market. Amongst others, on the following aspects:

  • With eG Innovations you gain insight in your entire IT environment. So it is not limited to some of the network components, but provides insight into the entire chain, both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • If a problem occurs, this is clearly shown in the dashboard and you can immediately continue to search for the cause of the problem. So you can actually identify the root cause of the problem.
  • The setup time is very short. Within a few days you already have a very good basis to make a problem clear and after 2 weeks there is a huge amount of information available.

Recently we asked Renne Bots, Area Sales Manager at eG Innovations, and Barry Schiffer, Presales Consultant Benelux, about their experience in working with INSI. The result? Watch the video!

Performance monitoring in practice

IT used to be more or less a closing entry for Dura Vermeer, where they preferred to spend as little time and energy as possible. Nowadays, this is completely different and IT plays a crucial role in all primary processes. Good performance of the IT environment is therefore almost 'vital'. Read here why Dura Vermeer opted for the monitoring solution of eG Innovations.

More information

Would you like to know more about the monitoring solution of eG Innovations or how you can use this solution strategically in your specific situation? Please contact INISI on 010 436 88 22 or send an email with your question to bart.bossers(at)inisi.com.

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