INISI employee satisfaction survey 2023

In October 2023, INISI's annual employee satisfaction survey was conducted. Of course, we strive to be a good employer. INISI believes it is important that its employees can do their work well and with pleasure. To achieve this, INISI employees let us know every year what is going well and where improvements are needed.

The result of this edition is one to be proud of: a 9.1 average!


Which points stand out in a positive sense?

  • Within INISI, everyone is willing to help each other (9.8)
  • I feel at home within INISI (9.6)
  • There is a pleasant working atmosphere within INISI (9.6)
  • I experience the workload in my work as acceptable (9.2)
  • I can develop myself personally within this organization (9.4)

And what can we still work on?

  • Making the training opportunities even more personal
  • TRemain vigilant on small things throughout the year (dotting the i's)

The results show that there is a pleasant working climate within INISI. We are very proud of our team! On to another great year!

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