Employee and Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021

As every year, we have also researched the experiences of our employees and customers in this eventful year. The surveys have now been completed and we are again quite happy with the results!

In the customer satisfaction survey INISI was rated with a whopping 8.2! And in the employee satisfaction survey INISI, as employer, scored almost a 9!

Better together, together better

The employees are, among other things, very positive about the following matters:

  • Training
  • Solidarity
  • Willingness to help each other
  • Ambiance

Better together, together better is therefore very visible in these results.

Professional, committed & reliable

There are also a number of highly valued items among customers:

  • Reliable
  • Cooperation
  • Professionalism of employees
  • Thinking along

This is where our core values come out very clearly.

What can we do better

Of course we like to receive compliments, but we would also like to hear if you are less satisfied with something. Only then can we take action to improve. From the results, we have therefore picked up a number of points for improvement that we will be working on in the coming period.

Our annual customer satisfaction survey is one of the ways we use to listen to our customers. This allows us to continue to adapt our services to the wishes and needs of our customers. We would therefore like to thank all respondents for the valuable feedback!

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